Underground Storage Tank and Pipeline Closure Naval Air Station, North Island, San Diego, CA 13,500 CY of Lightweight Cellular Concrete


Project Description: This project incorporated design, demolition, and construction. George L. Throop Co. was contacted after the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health had issued a warning to the U.S. Navy about the underground storage tanks. It was determined that filling the tanks with lightweight cellular concrete was going to lead to substantial savings compared to controlled low strength slurry backfill or removal of the tanks. Also, the LCC is easily excavatable in case the need arises in the future. Once the product was selected, Throop and Dynamic Construction Services established the quality control program and placement procedures to assure the owner the tanks would be completely filled with a quality product.

Throop mobilized equipment and personnel to produce 150 cubic yards per hour. With the need to produce approximately 1,000 cubic yards per day, Throop Co. only used 1 of its 13 batch plants for this project.

The LCC was pumped from a central location over 400 feet. Throop Co. assisted the engineer to establish the quality control program. The quality control program required testing for unit weight every 2 hours. Also, cylinders were taken twice per day to verify the strength of 70 psi at 28 days was achieved.

Due to the restricted access to the base, Throop hauled all materials with their own equipment and employees. This project was within 100 yards of a live runway which required strict SWPP and air quality adherence.

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