Issues to Avoid

Cellular concrete like any product made of cement has it’s limitations. Several concerns should be addressed and understood by any cellular concrete provider/installer/designer.


Cellular concrete is very buoyant and must be protected from buoyant forces. This is most easily solved by placing the soil or rock on top before buoyant conditions are allowed to affect the newly placed materials. It can also be resolved by eliminating the water through typical dewatering techniques.


Cellular concrete when made incorrectly or placed deeper than the mix allows will collapse. This generally occurs at the bottom of the fill and increased the unit density of the fill. It also makes it stronger. This may or may not be a problem for the design and simply topping off the next day is the typical solution.

Pumping Pressure

When used for pipeline fills cellular concrete is the easiest and lowest pressure material available. That doesn’t mean there is no pressure. It is surprising how little pressure it takes to damage a new pipeline.

Always work with an experienced contractor using high quality materials. If they haven’t seen these problems then they don’t know how to avoid them.