About Cellular Concrete

IMG_4309So what is this crazy material I keep hearing about. It’s called Cellular Concrete (also called foam cement, LDCC, LCC, CLSM-LD, and who knows how many others. Cellular Concrete is simply a cement product full of air bubbles. This creates a very lightweight fill, that is highly pumpable, nearly self levelling, geotechnically very strong, and inexpensive. Why? Because air is free and slippery. This website is designed to give you some ideas of ways to use this material and what to consider in your design. Please feel free to call us for assistance. We have been though this thousands of times so can quickly assist you with your design and cost concerns.

Why would I use Cellular Concrete?

  • Lightweight fill
  • Highly Flowable
  • Inexpensive
  • Buoyancy Concerns

The creative and knowledgeable use by Owners, Engineers and Contractors has the potential to save significant time on your schedule and realize dramatic cost reductions.